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Tahoe-Truckee Area Construction: The Basics

“Home construction in Tahoe is simple,” said no one ever!

If you’ve struggled to get clear information on home building and remodeling in the Tahoe-Truckee area, we’d love to shed some light and share what we know.

First, find the right partner for you.

Timberline Construction’s owner, Christian Edwards, recommends mentally preparing for the work ahead and taking time to select best partners for you. He shares, “The construction process is never perfect, there will most certainly be surprises along the way and it’s much easier to navigate when you have the right mindset and the right partners by your side.” This is so true!! Every architect and builder’s style is unique; choose someone who will communicate openly and honestly with you and someone you think you’ll genuinely enjoy working with.


Should I remodel or build a home?

Assuming you’re prepped, the most common question we then get is: Should I remodel an existing home or buy land and build a home?? Lucky for you there’s no wrong answer, but there are many considerations. Below we’ve outlined key points for each:

So …

Whether you build or remodel (or luck out and find the perfect house!), we hope life eventually becomes less about the house and more about the home you create inside. We’d love to answer additional questions and hear more about your plans, just reach out to us at: info@timberlinemail.com.

The Timberline Team