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Pre-construction Services Phase

In the beginning of your project, every decision made is pivotal to maximizing your investment. Starting off with a sustainable budget, fast and accurate schedule, and a high performing team who delivers is essential. Timberline’s expertise, creative perspective, bandwidth and resources give them the ability to take on your vision and build your home with confidence. When a contractor you trust is on board during these early days, your project is set up for success.

Our upfront and honest approach when formulating an estimate, setting up a bid, and putting you in contact with the resources you need to get started is part of our commitment to quality and designed to make your process from pre-construction through project completion a truly exceptional experience.

Construction Phase

Once the construction phase is ready to begin, we will be with you at every step of the way. Building a home today is more intricate than ever — faster schedules, tighter budgets, and one-of-a-kind designs are all part of the process.

To carry out a successful construction project takes more than just labor and materials. It takes effective communication and accurate, timely information to deliver great results. On all custom homes we use a very intuitive online based project management software that helps bridge the gap even when clients are far away. Our Co-Construct tech tool that we use with clients provides value by:

• Improving communications
• Enhancing collaboration
• Streamlining decision-making
• Delivering accurate pricing
• Shortening schedules
• Reducing changes in the field
• Improving project safety and quality

In todays homes, the use of technology and innovative methods of building are improving daily. We stay at the forefront of these approaches in order to give you all the options available from a basic home to one that stands out among the rest. Along with technology, energy use and energy-saving with Green Building is also a climbing need in building a home. Our commitment to the professional craft of building is what will stand out thru the whole construction process.

Post Construction Phase

To provide you with a smooth post-construction experience, Timberline will identify and resolve potential issues well before you move in. Our commitment to you started on day one so all the hard work everyone put in from the beginning comes to fruition when your family walks thru that door.

Construction is complete, and your new home is ready to be put to the test. We’ve been building quality into every step along the way so we feel confident turning over those keys. We pay special attention to the warrantee process after you move in, making sure all punch list items are completed and nothing falls thru the cracks. Welcome home!